Empowering Through Education

From the very beginning, one of NVLSP’s core goals has been to equip attorneys and advocates to help America’s veterans secure their benefits. We continue to act as a force multiplier through in-person and webinar trainings, as well as the annually updated and published Veterans Benefits Manual.

Keeping Current

NVLSP Publications & Educational Tool

As publishers of the nation’s leading guide to veterans law, the Veterans Benefits Manual, NVLSP staff attorneys devote significant time to updating the 2,000-page publication annually. NVLSP attorneys review and edit the manual to keep it current with developments impacting VA disability benefits. The manual is distributed electronically and in print formats. Since 1999, nearly 50,000 copies have been sold.

The Veterans Benefits Manual helps lawyers and advocates build cases for their veterans and navigate the tricky waters of veterans law. “NVLSP’s Veterans Benefits Manual is a lifesaver. I’m new to this area of law, and it was like wading through mud,” said Eva Wohn, an attorney volunteering to assist a veteran in obtaining disability benefits.

“With the manual, I was able to map out a strategy for the case in 45 minutes. The people who put this together really know their stuff and want to make sure that veterans are taken care of,” said Wohn. “Because of this manual, I know I will volunteer again to help another veteran, because I have the tools to be an effective and efficient advocate.”

Educating a Network

NVLSP Training Programs

Our webinar and in-person training programs educate veterans service officers, attorneys, and claims agents about the latest court decisions and best practices in veterans law. Our trainers share their knowledge and expertise with a broad audience, helping to build up an advocacy network that assists veterans and their families.


NVLSP Training Resources 

Webinars & Basic Training on Veterans Benefits

Webinar topics have included: 

  • TDIU & Protected Employment
  • Common VA Errors: Lessons Learned from NVLSP Cases That Can Help Veterans Advocates
  • Advocacy Strategies for Service Connection Claims based on Military Sexual Trauma
  • Discharge Upgrades

VA Benefit Identifier App

This first-of-its-kind app aids service members and veterans in determining the specific VA benefits to which they are entitled. 

Our webinar programs conducted in 2018 trained more than 1,000 veterans service officers, attorneys, and claims agents. Topics included advocacy strategies for service-connected disability claims based on military sexual trauma, disability pension, combat-related special compensation, common VA errors, and court updates.

VA Benefit Identifier App

NVLSP’s VA Benefit Identifier is a first-of-its-kind app that aids service members and veterans in determining the specific VA benefits to which they may be entitled. Available in English and Spanish, the app is available through the NVLSP website, Apple’s App Store, and the Google Play Store. To protect privacy, no data or personal information is retained.

In-Person Training of Veterans Service Officers

Many disability benefit claims originate with veterans service officers who work for county or state government offices, or on behalf of regional or national veterans service organizations. By building up the knowledge base of these service officers, we help improve the quality of the VA disability benefits applications that are filed, which ultimately helps veterans avoid delays and denials.

Nationally, we provided training to service officers with America’s top veterans organiza­tions, including Vietnam Veterans of America and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. 

At the state level, we conducted in-person training for 450 veterans service officers for the Texas Veterans Commission. We also conducted in-person training for the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs and its 120 state and county veterans service officers.

Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program

Founded in 1992, this program operates a pro bono program on behalf of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims to represent veterans unjustly denied VA benefits. Each year, hundreds of veterans place themselves at a disadvantage by appealing to this court without representation.

As a founding member of the Veterans Consortium (alongside America’s other leading veterans service organizations), NVLSP shares its expertise by providing training, mentoring, and our Veterans Benefits Manual to the lawyers volunteering to represent veterans before the court.